Icon Warrior Warrior
Weapons Icon WarBlade War Blade
Icon LongSword Long Sword
Icon Hammer Hammer
Icon LanceShield Lance & Shield
Role Offense
Damage PATK

A total close-combat physical-type class that has the power to ignore enemy defense with a hammer and slay foes with a few devastating sword swings.

Specialized in attacking solo targets with great physical damage.

How to Unlock

This job is only attainable through a Special Event (Logres) that is rotated weekly:

Warriors trials

  • Complete [Warrior's Reincarnation] quest-line: Become a Warrior Final


  • Rook Job at Level 5 and above

Stat Bonuses

PATK: 1100 HP: 0
Hit: 0 MDEF: 0
Agility: 0 Critical: 100
Fire: 0 Water: 0 Wind: 0
Earth 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0

Mastery List

"Job" abilities only apply when the job is selected. "Character" abilities are permanent passive boosts and apply to all jobs once unlocked.
Level Type Ability Info
1 Job, in Battle Fair & Square Overall Skill Damage -30%
1 Job, in Battle War Blade Mastery Damage and recovery with War Blade are increased to the same amount as Mastery Lv 5
1 Job, in Battle Lance & Shield Mastery Damage and recovery with Lance & Shield are increased to the same amount as Mastery Lv 5
1 Job, in Battle PVP Event Adept [For PVP Event Only] During battle, you and your weapons' stats increase. When you are knocked down in battle, your HP is restored 100% (up to 2 times). 3 minutes after battle start, cooldown rapidly shortens
10 Job, in Battle Power Stance (Max) Eneny Target(s): 1 ▼EP +1 high probability
20 Job, in Battle Focused I Enemy Target(s): 1 ▼Skill Damage +15%
30 Job Berserk I ▼PATK +200 ▼Critical +20
40 Char, in Battle Limit Plus Damage Limit +1000 for all jobs
42 Job Swordsmanship I [Long Sword] ▼PATK +10%
44 Job Attribution I [Long Sword] ▼Attribute +10%
46 Job Berserk II

▼PATK +200 ▼Critical +20

48 Job, in Battle Focused II

Enemy Target(s): 1 ▼Skill Damage +10%

50 Char, in Battle Snipe Enemy Target(s): 1 ▼Power +5% for all jobs ▼Increases Skill Damage for all jobs
52 Job Pulverize [Hammer] ▼Critical +10%
54 Job, in Battle Umbra Stance I Enemy Target(s): 1 ▼Light Attribute Skill Damage +5%
56 Job Chrome [Armor Torso] ▼PATK +15% ▼Attribute +15%
57 Job, in Battle Focused III Enemy Target(s): 1 ▼Skill Damage +15%
58 Job, in Battle Overclock Enemy Target(s): 1 ▼Skill Damage Limit +79999
59 Job, in Battle Limit Breaker [Long Sword] ▼Skill Damage Limit +10000
60 Job Berserk III ▼PATK +200 ▼Critical +20
61 Job Swordsmanship II [Long Sword] ▼PATK +15%
62 Job Darkswing [Long Sword] ▼Dark Attribute +15%
63 Job, in Battle Empower [Long Sword] ▼Power +10% ▼Increases Skill Damage ▼Increases Recovery Rate
64 Job, in Battle Umbra Stance II Enemy Target(s): 1 ▼Light Attribute Skill Damage +10%
65 Char, in Battle Shadow Dark Attribute Skill Damage +5% for all jobs
70 Job Berserk IV ▼PATK +100 ▼Critical +20
75 Job Power Stance (Min) Enemy Target(s): 1 ▼EP +1 low probability
80 Job Berserk V ▼Patk +100, ▼Critical +20
85 Job Deluminate Enemy Target(s): Light Attributes ▼Damage +2%
90 Char Snipe Limit Plus [Enemy Target/s: 1] Skill Damage Limit +5000
93 Job War Blade Parameter 3% Increases War Blade status
97 Job PATK +300 Increases Own status
100 Char HP +100 Increases Own status


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