Primary Jobs

In Logres, the player is in control of a multitude of Jobs using one character. Jobs are roles that provide different playstyles and will change what type of weapons your Hunter character can equip. Jobs can be acquired through special quests or events.

All players start off in the game as a Fighter. To get the other 4 primary jobs, the Hunter Exam Challenge needs to be completed through the Quest Board. Jobs of other tiers have different prerequisites and challenges to complete.

Jobs can be changed at will without penalty and each have their individual levels and passive abilities. After changing Jobs, incompatible equipment will be removed so players will need to re-equip their Hunter.

Job Levels and Abilities

Job Levels are gained by defeating monsters and gaining experience when playing as that Job. The max Job level is currently 80.

Job Abilities are obtained when a character reaches certain levels and are only applied when a certain job is active. They can be passive and affect the character's stats, or activate in battle. When you change a job, you switch to the abilities mastered with that job.
There are certain Abilities that are shared among all characters called Character Abilities. They are special in that, once mastered, will continue to apply no matter which Job you use.

Job List

The following is the list of all the available classes you can build to suit your playstyle, whether you want to do solo adventures, party raids or participate in PvP battles.

Tier 1: Primary Jobs
Tier 2: Dual Class Jobs
Tier 3: Master Jobs
Tier 4: Elite Jobs
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