Icon Fighter Fighter
Weapons Icon LongSword Long Sword
Icon Polearm Polearm
Icon Bow Bow
Icon WarBlade War Blade
Icon DualAxe Dual Axe
Role Offense
Damage PATK

A physical-type class which can wield bladed and ranged weapons for inflicting physical damage.

How to Unlock

This is the starter job given to players when they begin the game.

Stat Bonuses

PATK: 530 HP: 0
MATK: 0 PDEF: 80
Hit: 75 MDEF: 0
Agility: 0 Critical: 0
Fire: 0 Water: 0 Wind: 0
Earth 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0

Mastery List

"Job" abilities only apply when the job is selected. "Character" abilities are permanent passive boosts and apply to all jobs once unlocked.
Level Type Ability Info
1 Job, in Battle Dual Axe Mastery Damage and recover with Dual Axe are increased to the same amount as Mastery Lv 5
1 Job Dual Axe Status 0 Equipped Dual Axe's Stats are set to 0
1 Job, in Battle PVP Event Adept [For PvP Event Only] During Battle, you and your weapons' stat increase. When you are knocked down in battle, your HP is restored 100% (up to 2 times). 3 minutes after battle start, cooldown rapidly shortens
5 Job, in Battle Critical Strike Activate Critical Hits
10 Job Swordsmanship I [Long Sword] ▼PATK +5%
11 Job Vigor I [Armor Top] ▼PATK +20%
15 Job Prize Fighter I ▼PATK +90 ▼PDEF +20 ▼Hit +15
20 Job, in Battle Empower I [Long Sword] ▼Power +10% ▼Increases Skill Damage ▼Increases Recovery Rate
21 Job Vigor II [Armor Legs] ▼PATK +20%
25 Job Swordsmanship II [Long Sword] ▼PATK +5%
30 Job Prize Fighter II ▼PATK +120 ▼PDEF +30 ▼Hit +20
35 Job, in Battle Empower II [Long Sword] ▼Power +10% ▼Increases Skill Damage ▼Increases Recovery Rate
40 Job Swordsmanship III [Long Sword] ▼PATK +3%
40 Char Swordsmanship IV PATK +3% for all jobs that can equip Long Sword
45 Job Prize Fighter III ▼PATK +120 ▼PDEF +30 ▼Hit +20
50 Char Combatant I PATK +150 for all jobs
55 Job Vigor III [Armor Torso] ▼HP/PATK +15%
60 Job Attribution [Long Sword] ▼All Attributes +15%
65 Char Combatant II PATK +150 for all jobs
70 Job, in Battle Magnifique I 4% of MATK value is added to PATK.
75 Char, in Battle Long Sword Limit Plus I [Long Sword] ▼Skill Damage Limit +3000
80 Job Prize Fighter IV ▼PATK +100 ▼Hit +20
85 Job, in Battle Magnifique II 4% of MATK value is added to PATK
90 Char, in Battle Long Sword Limit Plus II [Long Sword] ▼Skill Damage Limit +2000
93 Job Swordsmanship V [Long Sword] ▼Parameters +3%
97 Job Prize Fighter V ▼PATK +100
100 Job, in Battle Fighter's Awakening [Long Sword] ▼Parameters +50% ▼Skill Power +50% ▼Depending on the number of Long Sword equipped in main slots, Skill Hits +1 *Will not take effect in PVP Events
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